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The DSA Board consists of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and another seven board members. It is the main decision-making body of the Doctoral Students’ Association and is responsible for organizing social and scientific events for the doctoral student community at KI, taking care of the doctoral education and welfare needs, and maintaining a dialogue with the KI doctoral education leadership. Moreover, the board is responsible for electing and coordinating the work of central and local doctoral student representatives. This workload is divided among the workgroups that focus on specific aspects of PhD life at KI.  The board has its own budget that can be used to organize activities and events for doctoral students at KI.  

It’s a rewarding job to be a DSA board member, since you have the possibility to meet and interact with many people, understand the internal organization of KI and MF in-depth, and represent more than 2000 doctoral students.  It also allows you to deeply increase your scientific and personal network while also powering up your soft skills and resumé.

Deadline: October 5

DSA Chairperson 

As the DSA Chairperson, you are the reference person for the KI doctoral student community. During the time period of your appointment, you will be in contact with KI leadership, the Presidium of the Student Union (MF) and with other external associations and organizations. 

You are responsible for coordinating the work of the DSA board, chairing the meetings, supporting the board members, and supervising the working groups.     

As the Chairperson, you will have weekly or monthly meetings with the doctoral education committee and KI leadership during working hours, evening meetings for some of the student union’s committees, and handling a large volume of email correspondence. Although it sounds like a lot of work, the position has many benefits, allowing you to increase your scientific and personal network while improving your soft skills and resumé.

It is a rewarding job, since you have the possibility to meet and interact with many people, understand the internal organization of KI and MF in-depth, and represent more than 2000 doctoral students. The tasks of this position can easily be accomplished without prior knowledge of Swedish; however, knowing Swedish can be useful.

The position of Chairperson requires the candidate to have previous experience with how the DSA board works. It is suggested to have a spirit of initiative and the ability to relate and communicate with people in leading positions. 

DSA Vice-Chairperson 

The Vice-Chairperson works in collaboration with the Chairperson to complete various DSA tasks. They attend many of the meetings together, while some are delegated amongst themselves. The Vice-Chairperson is responsible for ensuring smooth organization and running of each of the DSA workgroups, and supporting the workgroup managers throughout the year. Additionally, this position requires the candidate to be flexible and willing to jump in and help out wherever a need arises. As such, there is no strict job description for the Vice- Chairperson, but the ability to work with a variety of different tasks and people is necessary. It is a fun and rewarding job, with the potential to become deeply involved in decisions made throughout all DSA workgroups, and several central KI committees. Previous experience with the DSA board is helpful but not mandatory.

DSA Board Secretary 

The DSA Secretary ensures rules are followed and the smooth running of DSA Board Meetings. Prior to meetings, the Secretary is responsible for scheduling the meeting, creating the agenda, properly announcing it, and collecting absentee members. During the meeting, the Secretary assists the DSA Chairperson, makes sure the agenda points stay within the allotted time, and most importantly, takes meeting notes. After the meeting, the Secretary collects signatures to verify the notes and archives them according to MF rules. The Secretary is automatically an ordinary DSA Board member, as well as part of the managerial team. If you enjoy organizing and want to learn more about the inner workings of DSA, this is an excellent position for you. 

DSA Board Treasurer 

The DSA treasurer is the accountant of the DSA and has the task of overviewing the expenses of the association. Each year the DSA board receives a certain budget for events and activities dedicated to PhD students. It is the treasurer’s job to manage the budget wisely and efficiently, keep the finances up to date, and make sure that everything gets paid on time. There is no Swedish or finance background requirement, but it is a fun position to have as you keep in touch with all DSA workgroups to hear about their activity and budget plans, and as a reward, you gain insight into financial matters and organization. The treasurer is automatically an ordinary DSA Board member and part of the managerial team that organizes the board meetings and takes part in election decisions.

DSA Board Member 

As an ordinary board member of DSA, you can actively engage with one or more of the working groups at DSA. You are also expected to attend monthly board meetings and participate in decision-making.

No prior knowledge of  Swedish is required. People without previous experience are always welcome: the board is often composed of experienced members and newcomers to guarantee a good working balance of the board for years to come. 

Standard Bearer of the DSA 

The Standard Bearer is an honorary position at the DSA. 

The DSA Standard Bearer gets to represent the doctoral students of KI at academic celebrations, such as the graduation ceremony (once per semester) and at the celebration of “Valborgsmässoafton” at Skansen. During some years, they can also be invited to the Nobel Prize banquet with the MF Standard Bearer. You will get to dress up for white tie events and carry the DSA Standard! You will work together with the central MF standard Bearer, from which you can receive help and advice. For some ceremonies, it is required to attend some introduction hours.

The DSA Standard Bearer will also show in all the official ceremonies where DSA is invited.

The tasks of this position can easily be accomplished without prior knowledge of Swedish; however, knowing Swedish can be useful.

At DSA’s annual general meeting, 15th October 2022, you will be called to present yourself and your candidature. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected]