General Elections & Annual General Meeting 2022

It is time to elect the new generation of doctoral student representatives!

As the DSA, we never stopped taking care of our community. Thanks to the network of departmental doctoral student representatives, over the past two years we were able to constantly have feedback from each department and, at the same time, forward all the information we could collect to discuss them at the central level with KI. Thanks to all of you, we could face the KI leadership and let our worries and requests be heard and our rights observed.  

All of that could not happen without the choice of some of us to dedicate part of our time as doctoral student representatives. Now it’s time to elect the new generation of representatives for 2023.  

On October 15th, we will hold the DSA Annual General Meeting, which will be organized online via Zoom. All doctoral students at KI with a valid MF membership can attend the event, express their opinions, and vote for their favorite candidate for each position. Remember, to vote is a right and a duty, especially if we want to make a difference in our community at KI.

Open Positions for 2023

  • If you have applied for one of the positions, we will ask you to be present during the time slot that is assigned for you to present yourself.
  • If you missed the chance to apply, but you are still interested in becoming a student representative, then you can join during the session that corresponds to the position you are interested in and candidate yourself.
  • You can also join for voting during the session of your choosing. We encourage all PhD students to join and exercise their right to vote for the next generation of student representatives.

We are here for you! See you on October 15th!  

The agenda for the Annual General Meeting:

9.50-10.00 Introduction
10.00-11.00 DSA positions
11.00-11.30 Break
11.30-12.30 Central positions
12.30-13:00 Break
13.00-14.00 Department positions, Doctoral Programs and Research Schools

See you on Zoom!