News & Events


  • KIPA x DSA Summer Party -May 26th
    Let’s kick off the season of sunshine and good vibed with a night you wont forget at our sizzling summer party! Following the incredible success of our last Christams party, DSA and KIPA are teaming up once more to bring you a night of music, games and good times with fellow students, postdocs and more! Don’t wait – We are now sold out of early bird tickets! Get your pre-sale tickets for 70 SEK.
  • Join the Nerd Night Quiz -March 29th
    Do you like learning about science with some pizza and drinks on the side? Then join our upcoming Nerd Night Quiz on March 29th at 5pm! It will be hosted in SciLifeLab in the Gamma 2 kitchen.  Nerd Night is a science slam event organized by BUS and open for everyone. KI researchers will give an insight into their area of study and their research. Hopefully, this gives you a better understanding of the current research areas and you get further acquainted with lab work.  To make this event more interactive, there will be a small quiz once all speakers gave their talk. This is a great chance for all of us to connect with researchers and establish our network. Pizza and drinks will be served during the event :)) 
  • It’s time to go ice skating with the DSA!
    Join us on Tuesday, February 28th meet fellow PhD students from Karolinska Insitutet We meet in front of the Biomedicum bus station at 18:30 and will head to Östermalms IP. Scan the QR code to join our Whatsapp group for more info or follow this link See you all there!


  • General Elections & Annual General Meeting 2022
    It is time to elect the new generation of doctoral student representatives! The application period to be evaluated by the DSA’s nomination committee has now closed. It is still possible to candidate for positions by attending our annual general meeting on October 15. More info with times and zoom links will be posted soon.
  • DSA Board Member 2023 Election Start Today!
    The DSA Board consists of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and another seven board members. It is the main decision-making body of the Doctoral Students’ Association and is responsible for organizing social and scientific events for the doctoral student community at KI, taking care of the doctoral education and welfare needs, and maintaining a dialogue with the KI doctoral education leadership. Moreover, the board is responsible for electing and coordinating the work of central and local doctoral student representatives. This workload is divided among the workgroups that focus on specific aspects of PhD life at KI.  The board has its own budget that can be used to organize activities and events for doctoral students at KI.   It’s a rewarding job to be a DSA board member, since you have the possibility to meet and interact with many people, understand the internal organization of KI and MF in-depth, and represent more than 2000 doctoral students.  It also allows you to deeply increase your scientific and personal network while also powering up your soft skills and resumé.
  • Apply for Doctoral Student Representative at Central KI
    Student representation at KI’s central level is super important to make sure that the voice of doctoral students is heard in KI’s highest decision-making bodies. These are bodies that shape KI’s vision, strategy, investments, recruitment, and work environment. Many of these positions require that you are proficient in Swedish as this is KI’s working language according to the law (for more information on the language requirements, check the description for each position).  The DSA nomination committee will review all applications and the annual general meeting will elect suitable candidates. If elected, your position starts in January 2023, and you will hold it till the end of the year. At DSA’s annual general meeting, 15th October 2022, you will be called to present yourself and your candidature. Some positions are already filled and have been removed from this list. Please see the remaining position below:
  • Become Doctoral Representatives & Safety Ombudsperson at Your Department!
    Departmental Student Representatives can have a wide variety of responsibilities, depending on the department’s needs and culture. Generally, your duties will include improving education and the work environment for students in your department. Specifically, you will be asked to participate in the admission seminars, establishment of new doctoral positions, and have close contact with the study director. In some departments, you might be invited to discussions regarding green light applications for PIs, or asked to participate in the work environment committee. Some Departmental Representatives also choose to organize social events to improve the communication between all students of the department.  Some positions are already filled and have been removed from this list. Please see the remaining position below:
  • Become a Student Representative for KI’s Doctoral Programmes and Research Schools!
    Doctoral programs and Research schools organize and coordinate courses and learning activities specific to their research field. As a student representative, you will contribute to organizing, planning, developing, and evaluating courses, seminars, and other activities. The steering groups for Doctoral Programs and Research Schools usually meet 2-3 times per semester (varies between each group). The Doctoral Course and Programs Committee is the superordinate committee, and coordinates/evaluates all steering groups. 


  • “2023 PhD Conference: Opportunities and Collaboration in Science” organised by DSA
    Gain insights into opportunities and collaborations in science, both in industry and academia! Learn about:•Translational Research Collaborations•Collaborations with Industry/Private Sector•Unexpected Career-Paths•Communicating and Networking in Science•Work-Life Balance You will have the chance to network with our invited company speakers through the 2-day conference! Dates: 29-05-2023 to 30-05-2023 Where: Grant Hotel Saltsjöbaden, Hotellvägen 2, 133 35 Saltsjöbaden Sign up before 17th April! For any questions or comments, feel free to contact DSA: [email protected] Registration fee: 1 000 sek (heavily subsidized contribution to be paid by your PI) For the conference, each student will be asked to present a poster or give a talk about their PhD Project. The best 11 abstracts will be selected for a 5 min talk + 5 min discussion.The abstract deadline is also 17th April.  PhD Conference Program May 29-30 Sessions and Speakers Day 1 Session 1: Academic and Translational Research Careers and Collaborations Speakers: Stefan Sennält (KI), Ninib Baryawno (KI), Per Arvidsson (SciLifeLab)  Fang Fang (KI) Session 2: Communication in Science Speakers: Emelie Nilsson (Ulla-Carin Lindqvist Foundation) Danique van der Gaauw (TRICALS) Session 3: Unexpected Careers Paths Speakers: Filippa Kull  (Stockholm Science City) Day 2 Session 4: Collaboration with Industry/Private Sector Speakers: Alina Castell (KI), Nathalie ter Wengel (Pfizer)  Anders Malarstig (Pfizer/KI) Carl Kilander (HealthCap), Tommy Bunte (TRICALS) Session 5: Work/Balance Speakers: Elin Frogeli (KI), Mia Phillipson (Uppsala University), Jon Tsai (Sanofi)
  • Next DSA Meeting May 19th at 18:00
    You are hereby called to the next DSA board meeting on Thursday, May 19th, which will take place at 18:00 in hybrid form! Virtual Participation: Zoom In-person: Center for Molecular Medicine L8:05 018 (Acquired Immunity VIP), Visionsgatan 18, 171 76 Solna. Please be downstairs latest 17:45 if you don’t have access to the building and please don’t participate in person if you feel sick. See the meeting agenda below!
  • Next DSA Meeting April 20th at 18:00
    You are hereby called to the next DSA board meeting on Wednesday, April 20th, which will take place in hybrid form! Virtual Participation: Zoom In-person participation: Center for Molecular Medicine L8:05 018 (Acquired Immunity VIP), Visionsgatan 18, 171 76 Solna. Please be downstairs latest 17:45 if you don’t have access to the building and please don’t participate in person if you feel sick. See the meeting agenda below!