Our Workgroups

A lot of the work we do as the doctoral student association is achieved through our workgroups. Joining workgroups is an excellent way to develop soft skills like communication, leadership, project management, etc. PLUS, you will be making a real difference in the lives of your fellow PhD students! Feel free to contact us if any of our workgroups interest you!

The Student Representation group works with organising the student representatives’ workshop and establishing communication platforms for student representatives. The group also works to coordinate representatives in KI’s central committees.

Manager: Dina Dabaghie | [email protected]

The group works together with the Doctoral Education Committee at KI to oversee the doctoral education at KI. This entails the evaluation of the available doctoral courses, suggestions for necessary ones, planning and implementation of the new admission system as well as doctoral funding. In addition, the group is in constant contact with KI boards to student-supervisor relationships.

Manager: Leonie Vetter | [email protected]

The Doctoral Welfare and Health group works hard to ensure students’ welfare during their PhD journey. The focus spans from physical and mental health, work environment conditions to migration issues. This year some of the tasks we undertook were the Frequently Asked Questions, the salary negotiations and a pilot mentorship programme for PhD students by KI Alumni.

Manager: Jan Reising | [email protected]

The Social Events group is responsible for the organization of mingles for the PhD students, including the DSA pub and sports events. This group works to make sure PhD students also have the opportunity to enjoy leisure time.

Wish to help organize events or have event ideas? Get in touch with us!

Manager: Weiyingqi Cui [email protected]

The PR group works with packaging and distributing information from the DSA, and others (E.g. KICC, KI career service, TEDx), to PhD students at KI. We utilize Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, our newsletter, and of course this website. We also represent the DSA at the doctoral student intro day.

Manager: Jessica Gracias Lekander |  [email protected]