Open positions for student representatives [CLOSED]

Hello fellow PhD student! 

Taking part in board and committees as a student representative is a great opportunity to participate strategic decisions, and policies that have a great impact on our PhD journey. Would you like to do that and help us advocate for a fair, smooth and successful PhD journey?  

There are a few positions for the year 2020 that became vacant and we are currently accepting applications. The deadline is Feb 1st.

At the central KI level;

Student representative at the Faculty Council: Speak for PhD students and advocate for an improved PhD life at one of the highest KI bodies. 

The role of Faculty Council is to lay the groundwork to support the president’s long-term strategic goals. Also, when necessary, to advice on scientific issues.
The council meetings are led by the president and the council members are mainly permanently employed professors (9). There are a few junior teachers (2), and also seats for student representatives. Currently there are three student representatives and one of these is filled by DSA. Strategically this is a very important table to have a student perspective and voice.
Meeting times: 3-4 times a year.
Duration of the post: One year.
Language: The documentation and the speaking language is Swedish. (speaking Swedish is recommended but not essential)
Experience: Prior representative experience recommended but not essential.

Student representative at the Course and Program Committee: Discuss the curriculum and help shape our course catalogue.  

This committee mainly oversees the doctoral courses at KI and follows the activities of doctoral programmes. It also has the delegated power to provide/distribute funding for courses that are not part of any doctoral programs. In this committee, there are 2 seats occupied by students and one of them is up for grab! (PRO TIP: The other seat is occupied by Mirco Martino ([email protected]), contact him if you have any questions!)

Part of the duties of the doctoral student representatives to review and approve the syllabus of the doctoral courses each semester by email.

Meeting times: 3-4 times per semester.
Duration of the post: One year.
Language: The meeting are often held in English. Some of the documents may be in Swedish.

If you are new to the student representation and are interested in departmental, fast paced committees/programs/boards, worry not! Here are a few open positions for you:

KI representative in steering group for the joint doctoral education program in medical technology: Help to grow a strong connection between two great universities, KI and KTH 

The KI-KTH medical technology joint PhD program is a textbook example of interdisciplinary collaboration. The work of the steering group includes scanning applications, arranging activities, preparation of announcement texts and continuous improvement of the program to ensure highest quality. There are two student representative spots, one from each university, and you can be the KI representative!

Meeting times: Once a month, max 1h per meeting. Via phone.
Duration of the post: One year.
Language: No input. Possibly English. (Speaking Swedish is recommended but not essential)
Experience: To be eligible, you need to be enrolled in the program. No other representation experience is required.

Student representative in Doctoral Programs and Research Schools Steering Group: Get involved in organisation and promotion of courses and activities in a specific research field 

This group works on organising and evaluating activities related to their research fields, such as courses and seminars. They operate with a determined budget and allocate the budget to these activities as they see fit. Doctoral Courses and Programmes Committee oversees the activity of these groups.

Meeting times: Each steering group differs in member composition and meeting frequency but, on average, 2-3 times per semester.
Duration of the post: One year.
Language: No requirement.
Experience: No prior representation experience is required.

Department Student Representative: Improve PhD life locally and with immediate real life effect.

As you may be aware, each department has different committees and boards. Previously run locally, the election student representatives for these boards is centralised this year and delegated to the student union, MF, therefore DSA for PhD students 😉 During this election, DSA will nominate 3 doctoral student representatives for each department.

The boards and committees have tasks regarding doctoral education, work environment, undergraduate education or others depending on the department. Almost all departments will have at least an education/department council and a work-environment committee. The elected students are expected to participate the tasks of the council/committee and be a voice to express whats best for the PhD students` interest.

Meeting times: This depends on the department, but on average 2-4 times per semester.
Duration of the post: One year.
Language: No requirement.
Experience: No prior representation experience is required.

Apply and make a difference for your PhD colleagues and yourself!