Open positions for student representatives [CLOSED]

Hello fellow PhD student! 

Taking part in board and committees as a student representative is a great opportunity to participate strategic decisions, and policies that have a great impact on our PhD journey. Would you like to do that and help us advocate for a fair, smooth and successful PhD journey?  

There are a few positions for the year 2020 that became vacant and we are currently accepting applications.
The deadline is April 17th.

At central KI level

No position is currently available.

At departmental level

If you are new to the student representation and are interested in departmental, fast paced committees/programs/boards, worry not! Here are a few open positions for you:

(third call) Student representative in Doctoral Programs and Research Schools Steering Group: Get involved in organisation and promotion of courses and activities in a specific research field 

This group works on organising and evaluating activities related to their research fields, such as courses and seminars. They operate with a determined budget and allocate the budget to these activities as they see fit. Doctoral Courses and Programmes Committee oversees the activity of these groups.

Meeting times: Each steering group differs in member composition and meeting frequency but, on average, 2-3 times per semester.
Duration of the post: One year.
Language: No requirement.
Experience: No prior representation experience is required.

(third call) Department Student Representative: Improve PhD life locally and with immediate real life effect.

As you may be aware, each department has different committees and boards. Previously run locally, the election student representatives for these boards is centralised this year and delegated to the student union, MF, therefore DSA for PhD students 😉 During this election, DSA will nominate 3 doctoral student representatives for each department.

The boards and committees have tasks regarding doctoral education, work environment, undergraduate education or others depending on the department. Almost all departments will have at least an education/department council and a work-environment committee. The elected students are expected to participate the tasks of the council/committee and be a voice to express whats best for the PhD students` interest.

Meeting times: This depends on the department, but on average 2-4 times per semester.
Duration of the post: One year.
Language: No requirement.
Experience: No prior representation experience is required.

Urgent. The following departments are currently lacking PhD student representatives: (1) Biosciences and Nutrition; (2) Clinical Neuroscience; (3) Clinical Science and Education, Södersjukhuset; (4) Clinical Sciences, Danderyd Hospital; (5) Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics; (6) Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics; (7) Medicine, Huddinge; Molecular Medicine and Surgery; (8) Women’s and Children’s Health.

(second call) Department PhD Safety Representative: we are looking for Student Safety representatives at the departmental level!

Your duties:
– be a contact person for students in your department (graduate and undergraduate)
– work on improvements of systematic (!) workplace issues regarding safety

– You will receive relevant training (more skills; CV)
– As an official representative you have more bargaining power

Duration of the post: Until the end of 2020.
Language: No requirement.
Experience: No prior representation experience is required.

Urgent. All departments are lacking a PhD student safety representative, with the only exception of the Women’s and Children’s Health and Neuroscience departments.

Apply and make a difference for your PhD colleagues and yourself!  

The DSA Board will review all the nomination and endorse the most suitable candidates. If necessary, the candidates may be invited to answer some more questions. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected].