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Join Lime Talks-Inspiring Dialogue on May 18th

Doctors are of crucial importance for the development of healthcare and a leading role in everyday life, but are often lacking in the contexts where decisions are made that affect the quality of care provided. What obstacles are there to doctors’ involvement in patient-oriented development work and what is required to release the energy of doctors’ involvement?

A panel of experts consisting of the following people with different perspectives and experiences, both from research and practical experience, begins the conversation:

Mats Brommels, doctor, professor emeritus, founder of MMC, LIME, KI

Fredrik Bååthe, PhD, visiting researcher LEFO and ISM

Ylva Pernow, Chief Medical Officer, Associate Professor and Director of Quality and Patient Safety Director, Karolinska University Hospital

Mairi Savage, MPH, PhD, affiliated researcher at MMC, LIME, KI; Head, Head of Leadership Development and Competence Planning, Karolinska University Hospital

Moderator is Christer Sandahl, psychologist, professor emeritus at MMC, LIME, KI

You are welcome to participate in subsequent conversations.


18 May at 15.30 – 16.30

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