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Exaptive innovation – Repurposing drugs


James Barlow, Professor at Imperial College Business School
Björn Arvidsson, Managing director at STUNS Life Science

Product innovation – the creation of value-adding novelty can be achieved in two ways – by generating new forms or new functions. 

The first, which we call Mode 1, consists of the development of a new form usually tasked to provide a new or improved function.

The second, Mode 2, skips the development of a new form and seeks instead new functions in already existing forms. Mode 2 thus implies polyfunctionality, the presence of additional functions in existing forms.

Most research and practice concerns Mode 1. There is some research on Mode 2 innovation, but it is still relatively peripheral. ‘Exaptation’, a term coined in 1982 in evolutionary biology to describe the emergence of new functions in existing forms, is minor in both the evolutionary biology and innovation literatures.

How to attend

June 14th at 15:00

Attend at Campus Solna, Inghesalen, Tomtebodavägen 18 and via Zoom.

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