Become a Student Representative for KI’s Doctoral Programmes and Research Schools!

Doctoral programs and Research schools organize and coordinate courses and learning activities specific to their research field. As a student representative, you will contribute to organizing, planning, developing, and evaluating courses, seminars, and other activities. The steering groups for Doctoral Programs and Research Schools usually meet 2-3 times per semester (varies between each group). The Doctoral Course and Programs Committee is the superordinate committee, and coordinates/evaluates all steering groups. 

Deadline: October 13

If you want to contribute to improving courses provided by KI in your specific research fields, the steering groups offer the perfect opportunity to get involved.

For Doctoral Programs, English is the language of communication; some documents might be in Swedish. 

For Research Schools Steering Groups, Swedish is the language of communication; the positions are specific for clinical PhDs. 

Read more information about KI’s Doctoral Programmes and Research Schools.

At DSA’s annual general meeting, 15th October 2022, you will be called to present yourself and your candidature. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected]