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Candidate in the Election of FuM 2022!

It is the time of the year where you, as a member of Medicinska Föreningen (MF), can make an impact on your’s and all other KI students’ community life, environment, and education.

This means it is the time for you to candidate as a member of the next Union Council, Fullmäktige (FuM).

FuM is MF’s highest decision-making body, where important decisions like budget, activity plan, election of the association bodies, and economy of the association as well as infrastructure- and education-related matters are discussed and decided.

FuM meets at least 3 times per semester and it is composed of 29 members and an equal number of substitutes. 15 of the candidates are appointed by MF’s sections, the others will be elected during the online general election where all members of our association will be able to express their preferences for 5 candidates during week43 (October 24 – October 31)

If you want to make changes in the life of KI’s students or you simply wish to be involved in our association, it’s time for you to take the next step and candidate as member of FuM. This is a great opportunity to expand your network, learn a lot about MF and KI, and develop multiple soft skills.

  • If you would like to be appointed as a representative of your section in FuM, ask your section presidium how to apply for that.

For any further question, contact the Election Commission at [email protected]