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AstraZeneca´s Campus Ambassador program

Are you a curious, social and a strong communicator looking for your next challenge? Then AstraZeneca´s Campus Ambassador program might be the perfect opportunity for you!  

AstraZeneca is now recruiting for our 4th annual Campus Ambassador Program.

Your role as a Campus Ambassador:  
The program runs for one year, starting beginning 2023. We are seeking students enrolled at a Swedish University during the academic year 2023/2024. 

Being a student ambassador for AstraZeneca means being our external voice at your local university and working actively to strengthen the AstraZeneca employer brand on campus.  

Your role includes:  

  • You will interact with AstraZeneca Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition team, coordinating and finding opportunities at your University, where together, we can arrange guest lectures, events and career fairs.  
  • Maintaining the flow of information and crafting a stronger collaboration between AstraZeneca and the University. 
  • Distributing information about AstraZeneca’s upcoming events, Early Talent programs and opportunities in relevant forums e.g. social media.  


Read more about the role and apply here!

Deadline: November 13