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  • Going back to the Lab after COVID

    As more people get vaccinated, many employers are beginning to bring workers back to the office after more than a year of working from home. Although many Ph.D. students continued their lab work throughout the pandemic, there is a mixed reaction to resume office duties on site. Some welcome the idea of collaborating with colleagues in person and swapping their makeshift home office for a dedicated workspace, while others are worried they will lose certain advantages and be less safe if they shift away from remote work. What is keeping Ph.D. students from fully returning to the lab and office and how can we ease the transition? Stress Some Ph.D.…

  • Changes in The Aliens Act – new legislation applies for permanent residency from July 20th

    In September 2020, the parliamentary Migration Committee proposed a new migration legislation (SOU 2020:54) that imposes stricter eligibility requirements for permanent residence in Sweden. On June 22, 2021, the bill was approved, and it went into effect on July 20, 2021. There are no transitional rules, so all decisions made on July 20 or later are based on the new rules, regardless of when the application was submitted. 

  • Gaining more insight into mental health among doctoral students at KI

    Pursuing a PhD is not an easy task -especially in the midst of a pandemic -a challenge that most of us were unprepared for. The Covid19 pandemic has displayed the challenges that PhD students face, especially our mental health struggles. With the goal of better understanding the difficulties of the PhD community at KI, the DSA ran a survey last summer and the results are staggering, but not surprising.

  • Season’s Greetings from the DSA

    Dear Doctoral Student, The time has finally arrived for some rejuvenating winter holidays. It’s the time of joy and hope, it’s the time to think about what we have done this year and to make wonderful plans for the next. It’s time to celebrate our successes and leave any unsuccesses in one of the drawers of our memory.

  • Lobbying for Increased PhD Salaries

    The DSA has lobbied for an increase in the PhD student salaries to put KI in line with the salaries offered by other medical/biomedical faculties in Sweden. Also, the DSA has tried to make the point that the PhD salary should, in part, reflect the higher cost of living in the Stockholm region compared to the rest of the country. The DSA sent a letter to the parties involved in salary negotiations (i.e. trade unions and KI) in mid-August. The following points were brought forward by the DSA :