Department Safety Representative (Student Safety Ombudsperson) [CLOSED]

Fellow PhD students, 

Become a Student Safety Representative (safety ombudsperson) and help students stay safe at the department level! 

As a safety representative, you will be the contact person for issues and proposals from students of each level in your department. Besides answering specific questions, you will work towards improving systematic (!) problems at your workplace. You and the other elected representatives in your department will attend the work environment committee meetings where you can affect change – if necessary. 

As a student safety representative you will receive relevant training by KI, so that you have the necessary skill set. On top of benefiting you in your work, this will also improve your CV and be attractive to future employers. Although, you can also address problems as an ordinary PhD student, being an officially elected representative, will make sure that your voice will be heard. 

All local student safety representatives will be coordinated by the central student representative elected by FUM at MF.

The DSA board will review all applications and elect suitable candidates. If elected, your position starts January 2021 and you will hold it till the end of the year. 

Deadline: October 16th

N.B. This position is different from the section student safety representative!