PhD Student Representative at the Department Level [CLOSED]

Fellow PhD students, 

Join the group of student representatives that will tackle department related issues!

For the second year, we are calling on PhD students to apply for positions as department student representatives. For each department a mixed group of undergraduate and graduate student representatives can be elected by the MF Education Council. 

Departmental student representatives can have a wide variety of responsibilities, depending on the department’s needs and culture. Generally, your duties would include improving education and the work environment for students in your department. Specifically, you might be able to join the department council and work-environment committee. Some departments will be more permissive and might – for example – allow you to sit in on discussions regarding the green light for PIs. 

Besides being a great opportunity to get in contact with all the PhD students in your department, as a representative, you will have more bargaining power to create positive change in your department. You will also function as a contact point between DSA and the students in your department – both to relay information from DSA to students but also to spotlight local issues on the central KI level. DSA is looking forward to working with you to enable all PhD students to have the best possible environment here at KI.  

The DSA board will review all applications and nominate 3 or more suitable candidates, which will be elected by the MF Educational Council and appointed by the board of MF. If elected, your position starts January 2021 and you will hold it till the end of the year. 

If you have specific questions regarding your department, please don’t hesitate to email us!

Deadline: October 16th