Mental Health

DSA Mental Health Survey 2021

To better understand the situation of doctoral students at KI, we ask you to participate in our yearly DSA Mental Health Survey! We urge you all to participate. The survey only takes 10 minutes of your time but helps the DSA and KI prioritize our resources and time. The survey is completely anonymous(!) and there will as such be no repercussions or targeting of individuals based on their answers.

The survey is available until July 14.

When presenting the data to KI last year, a major criticism was the participation rate (around 450 students, 22% of doctoral students). It is, therefore, very important that a lot of doctoral students participate, regardless of how good or bad your mental health is. Your contribution is essential feedback for us and will help the students in need!

Check in on a friend, ask them to take our survey.

Deteriorating mental health of PhD students is a global issue that has been worsened by the pandemic. Even though the issue is widespread in academia the solutions need to be local and adapted to each university and institution. In response to the results of last year’s survey, we ran the Mind Workout pilot project to reduce stress, organized webinars to help doctoral students better manage their workload (e.g. tracking working hours), and raised awareness at central KI and department level. We will use the data from this year to look at how the situation has changed since last year and how we can improve our current efforts.