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“2023 PhD Conference: Opportunities and Collaboration in Science” organised by DSA

Gain insights into opportunities and collaborations in science, both in industry and academia!

Learn about:
•Translational Research Collaborations
•Collaborations with Industry/Private Sector
•Unexpected Career-Paths
•Communicating and Networking in Science
•Work-Life Balance

You will have the chance to network with our invited company speakers through the 2-day conference!

Dates: 29-05-2023 to 30-05-2023

Where: Grant Hotel Saltsjöbaden, Hotellvägen 2, 133 35 Saltsjöbaden

Sign up before 17th April!

For any questions or comments, feel free to contact DSA: [email protected]

Registration fee: 1 000 sek (heavily subsidized contribution to be paid by your PI)

For the conference, each student will be asked to present a poster or give a talk about their PhD Project. The best 11 abstracts will be selected for a 5 min talk + 5 min discussion.The abstract deadline is also 17th April. 

PhD Conference Program May 29-30

Sessions and Speakers

Day 1

Session 1: Academic and Translational Research Careers and Collaborations

Speakers: Stefan Sennält (KI), Ninib Baryawno (KI), Per Arvidsson (SciLifeLab) 

Fang Fang (KI)

Session 2: Communication in Science

Speakers: Emelie Nilsson (Ulla-Carin Lindqvist Foundation)

Danique van der Gaauw (TRICALS)

Session 3: Unexpected Careers Paths

Speakers: Filippa Kull  (Stockholm Science City)

Day 2

Session 4: Collaboration with Industry/Private Sector

Speakers: Alina Castell (KI), Nathalie ter Wengel (Pfizer) 

Anders Malarstig (Pfizer/KI) Carl Kilander (HealthCap), Tommy Bunte (TRICALS)

Session 5: Work/Balance

Speakers: Elin Frogeli (KI), Mia Phillipson (Uppsala University), Jon Tsai (Sanofi)