Courses & Seminars

  • Webinar: Current Career Opportunities in the Life Science Market

    Register now for this interesting webinar organized by Randstad Life Sciences, where they will discuss how the current job market looks like for scientists and different types of roles within the Life Science sector! Date: May 17th at 15:00 Register for the webinar by scanning the QR code in the poster above or click here!

  • Join the next Careers Outside Academia Seminar at 16-17th May

    Looking for possible career paths? Take your chance to meet people who made the change from academia into a broad variety of fields and found their dream careers. Get inspired and ask plenty of questions in a round table discussion! Join Careers Outside Academia – a round table discussion Participating speakers are coming from four broad areas of career paths: Business in science Industry research Science communication Helping others grow Find out how the speakers used the skills they acquired during their PhD and postdoc to: develop new products, for example, vegan cheese help companies to apply for approvals from EU for their medical devices help next-generation PhD students by…

  • Join Lime Talks-Inspiring Dialogue on May 18th

    Doctors are of crucial importance for the development of healthcare and a leading role in everyday life, but are often lacking in the contexts where decisions are made that affect the quality of care provided. What obstacles are there to doctors’ involvement in patient-oriented development work and what is required to release the energy of doctors’ involvement? A panel of experts consisting of the following people with different perspectives and experiences, both from research and practical experience, begins the conversation: Mats Brommels, doctor, professor emeritus, founder of MMC, LIME, KI Fredrik Bååthe, PhD, visiting researcher LEFO and ISM Ylva Pernow, Chief Medical Officer, Associate Professor and Director of Quality and…

  • Register for the upcoming 2-week course in Integrative Structural Biology

    InfraLife is preparing a course in integrative structural biology where they cover not only the basics of state-of-the-art structural biology techniques but also how to combine the information to address a biological question. The course will take place in the autumn of 2022. What will the course cover? The two-week course is a joint effort between the three large-scale research infrastructures SciLifeLab, MAX IV and ESS and additional related platforms. The aim is to give an overview of the structural biology available at the research infrastructures in Sweden. The course will focus on understanding the sample requirements, the nature of structural information that can be obtained and how data from multiple structural biology methods can be combined using…

  • KI Careers Workshop on Grant Writing

    KI Career Service will be hosting their event on Grant Writing on April 26th.  This is a two-part workshop presented by Dr. Angelika Hoffman from Yale University and targeted to postdocs, researchers and final year PhD students. The event will be hybrid (campus solna + via zoom) and the registration is open until April 22nd Register for the seminar by scanning the QR code on the event poster!